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An award-winning e-commerce solution for retailers:

   Scalable, on-brand outfitting content

   Increases basket size and conversion

   Easy-to-install widgets

   Patented technology and algorithms

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Powerful tools to deliver outfit ideas to your customers.

The award-winning solution for retailers:

Easy-To-Install Widgets

A Better Customer Experience

Higher Clicks, Order Size, and Conversion

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When you show customers how to style products, they’re more likely to buy them… and the products they’re paired with.


The next generation of

outfitting is here.

A solution for every part of your business.

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Integrate outfits across the customer journey.

Keep customers on site and headed to the buy button. By adding outfits to key pages of your website, you can provide instant style inspiration, show off product versatility, and encourage customers to add more to their carts. That means bigger orders and more of them.

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Turn casual buyers into serious shoppers.

Your best customers are the ones you already have. Stylitics for CRM nurtures customer relationships by providing outfit ideas and personalized inspiration after that first purchase and beyond.

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Create beautiful, on-brand content, effortlessly.

Provide personalized, stylish, instant outfit suggestions to every customer, everywhere. Stylitics makes it possible to skip the time-consuming and costly process of developing custom content by generating beautiful outfits automatically and at scale, and then pushing them out to the places where your customers are clicking and swiping most.

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VIP treatment without the VIP cost.

Stylitics makes it possible for retailers to recreate the personal shopper experience at scale. With thousands of beautiful outfits available to suit every possible occasion and taste, you can provide every customer, everywhere, with the style advice they crave.

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Build the store of the future, today.

Changes in the retail landscape are moving fast, but with Stylitics, you can move faster. Our outfitting technology integrates seamlessly into brick-and-mortar applications, so you can maximize in-store resources while providing a more personalized customer experience.

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Go ahead. Think inside the box for once.

If you’re thinking of starting a subscription box program for your business, you’ve come to the right place. Our box automation solution works behind the scenes to power some of the world’s most successful subscription programs, saving our clients millions in start-up and production costs, and bringing fashion to doorsteps everywhere.

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And here’s the best part…

We know you’re busy. We handle everything from start to finish, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Importing Your Catalog

Our team will handle all the heavy lifting with getting your products into our mix-and-match tools. We can pull in products via API, scraping, Google Shopping feeds, or even by hand if needed. Just point us to the right products or categories, and we’ll do the rest.

Image Editing

We know that every product isn’t shot on a flat white background. Our team can rapidly remove models and backgrounds from your product images, so that your products look great in every outfit.

Expert Styling

Don’t have stylists on hand? No problem. Our team of stylists can turn your products into hundreds of stylish outfits that are on-brand, stylish, and right for your customer base.

Mix-and-Match Tools

If you’d rather have your team create the outfits, we’ll provide you with super-easy mix-and-match and outfit management tools. You can drag, drop, resize, and publish new outfits directly to your outfit shop.

Widgets and Galleries

No custom technology required to add outfits to your site. All your engineers need to do is add a couple of lines of our widget code wherever you want to display outfits. It’s simpler than adding a “Pin It” button.

Automated Outfit Creation

Our breakthrough “Robot Stylist” technology can turn your catalog into thousands of high-quality outfits on demand. A game-changer for retailers and the first scalable visual merchandizing tech for e-commerce.

APIs for Mobile and In-Store Displays

We can provide you with an API or feed of your outfits, so you can display them on any screen – web, mobile, or in-store – or embed them into associate or customer applications. Show off your outfits everywhere!

Click and View Tracking

All our widgets include built in click and view tracking. We’ll provide you with regular insights on which products and outfits are driving the most conversion from customers.


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