How a Virtual Fitting Room for Your Ecommerce/Online Store Can Increase Sales

Virtual Styling

With so many brands to choose from in today’s online retail landscape, it is more important than ever that online retailers take steps to differentiate themselves from their competitors. In a 2017 online survey of 1,000 e-commerce shoppers, it was found that 90% of respondents found personalized shopping experiences appealing and 80% would be more likely to do business with an online retailer that offered a personalized shopping experience.

A virtual fitting room for online shoppers is a powerful solution that helps cultivate awareness of your brand’s offerings while removing the hassle of trying things on in a fitting room at a physical store. With the Stylitics Mix & Match tool, online shoppers can use a virtual fitting room to experiment with different looks, pair their favorite items together and create outfits that reflect their unique style. Best of all, brands that differentiate themselves and showcase their products with Stylitics Mix & Match can benefit from increased units per transaction, greater average order value and increased sales.

Stylitics Mix & Match Tool: How Does it Work?

With the Stylitics Mix & Match Tool, online shoppers can enjoy an engaging and personalized shopping experience that encourages and rewards them for interacting with products in your catalog. Most online retailers display their products in category pages, with items arranged by type. If a shopper needs a new skirt and a new pair of shoes, there’s no way they can see what the items will look like when paired together, and there may not even be an option to show the items on the same page. The shopper may know what they want, but it’s hard for them to envision how the products will look when worn together as part of an outfit, and there’s no platform available for them to compare looks.

With a virtual fitting room, shoppers are given a blank canvas and the ability to drag in items from your online store, creating and styling their own outfits according to their unique personal style. Virtual fitting rooms allow shoppers the flexibility to experiment with different looks and combinations of products without the normal hassle associated with navigating the dressing room in a bricks-and-mortar retail store. Shoppers can create outfit collages using any number of items in your store, and it’s easy to edit and compare collages so the shopper can determine what works best.

From an online retailer’s standpoint, virtual fitting rooms are the solution to enhancing personalization and engagement within the customer experience. While shoppers in other online stores are stuck browsing category pages, your shoppers will use your virtual fitting room to genuinely engage with your catalog, choose their favorite items, find complementary items to create their own unique outfits and ultimately purchase more of your products.

The Possibilities are Endless with Stylitics Mix & Match

Similar to the Polyvore social platform, which allowed users to style and share their own unique outfits using a powerful collage creator, Stylitics Mix & Match offers online retailers and their shoppers many ways to interact through the platform. Shoppers can create outfits using the virtual dressing room and their favorite products from your catalog and e-commerce store.

Once the shopper has created an outfit, they’ll be able to save the outfit and revisit it later. Shoppers who save a favorite outfit are likely to come back and make the purchase later, perhaps after showing it to a friend and asking for their opinion, or showing it to a parent and asking for their allowance. Lovers of your brand can curate their favorite products into outfits and collect them in a virtual closet where they periodically return to purchase favorites for their real closet.

Shoppers will also be able to share their newly created outfits on social media, generally valuable word-of-mouth advertising for your brand at minimal cost. For added benefits, encourage shoppers to upload images of their created outfits onto their social media accounts using your hash tags and feature their outfits on your website. Shoppers that wish to be associated with your brand will spend time creating and promoting outfits to get featured on your website, leaving you with powerful social proof that your brand is adored by your shoppers.

Finally, the best part of Stylitics Mix & Match is that it allows shoppers to “Add to Cart” or “Purchase this outfit” directly from the virtual fitting room, so they’re always just one click away from owning the beautiful outfit they’ve just curated and created according to their personal preferences.

Are Virtual Fitting Rooms the Next Big Thing?

For clothing retailers looking to stay competitive in 2018 and beyond, it’s time to invest in technologies that can truly differentiate your online retail operations from your competitors while driving sales and increasing order sizes in the process. With virtual fitting rooms, shoppers gain access to a more personalized and engaging online retail experience that allows them to create outfits using their favorite items from the catalog of their favorite brands.

Virtual outfitting might be the best tool that online retailers have to help replicate the physical shopping experience of being able to try clothes on and experiment with different outfits before making a purchase, but are virtual fitting rooms really the next big thing?

With consumers gravitating towards more personalized  and convenient shopping experiences that genuinely solve their problems, we think the answer is yes.

Think about a young professional who has been invited to a dinner with some old friends this Saturday night. She wants a new outfit, but doesn’t have time to go to a physical store, meet with a sales associate, describe her style and preferences, go through product recommendations, and then spend ages trying on different outfits in a fitting room with nobody around to give feedback. With Stylitics Mix & Match, the same shopper can visit your e-commerce store on her lunch break, use Stylitics Mix & Match to create the perfect outfit for the occasion, then visit a physical store and quickly purchase the products or order them for home delivery at the touch of a button.

The added convenience of being able to pick out items online before purchasing them in-store is exactly what shoppers today want – a convenient, engaging and enticing shopping experience that’s available when they need it. Functionalities like social sharing can even allow shoppers to share their newly created outfits and get immediate feedback from their friends on instant messaging apps or social sharing sites before making a purchase.


The landscape of online retail is changing rapidly in 2018, with physical stores continuing to close down and give way to the convenience and ease of online shopping. Increasing competition in the online retail space means that retailers must differentiate their brand by offering shoppers a unique and engaging experience with new technologies like virtual fitting rooms.

Virtual fitting rooms empower shoppers to create and style their own outfits according to their unique preferences using items in your catalog. Stylitics Mix & Match features three important functionalities for its virtual fitting room: the ability to save outfits and review them later on, sharing outfits through social media, and the ability to instantly purchase an outfit or add a favorite item to the shopping cart.

Virtual fitting rooms offer an engaging and personalized experience for online shoppers, allowing them to pick out and purchase outfits when it’s most convenient for them and without the hassle of trying clothes on in a store. Online retailers can increase their revenue, sell more products with each order, and earn more revenue per sale by encouraging their shoppers to style and create their own outfits through the Stylitics platform.