PRESS RELEASE: Stylitics Introduces Outfitting and Styling Content for Retail-Specific Email Campaigns

Digital visual merchandising engine helps elevate email with powerful outfit recommendations for increased consumer engagement

Stylitics Outfit Emails for RetailersLas Vegas – – September 13, 2018 – Stylitics, the leading digital visual merchandising and outfit recommendation platform, today announced the launch of a new API aimed at taking retail email campaigns to the next level with personalized style advice. The new offering enables retailers to add inspiring look-based content to post-purchase and retention email campaigns to help increase performance metrics such as conversion rates, revenue per email and open rates.

Email marketing for retail brands is one of the most effective and reliable channels, and key to that success is content. While top performing email campaigns for retailers include price drop and back in stock alerts, browse or cart abandonment, and welcome messaging, a recent study by the DMA revealed 25 percent of marketers have trouble getting enough content for their email campaigns.

The Stylitics platform is an AI-powered platform that uses a combination of machine learning and human styling to create thousands of on-brand outfit recommendations that can be dynamically plugged into an email campaign – or other marketing channels – by using triggers such as order history, inventory levels or location-based weather.

“Stylitics has demonstrated the impact of look-based content in e-commerce environments with impressive double-digit increases in key metrics such as average order values, units per transaction and conversion rates,” said Rohan Deuskar, founder and CEO, Stylitics. “We are now extending this powerful content into one of the most important marketing channels as a way to supercharge email performance for retailers.”

On average, Stylitics customers see 20 to 50 percent increases in open rates among people who saw outfitting content in prior marketing and retargeting emails and upwards of 25 percent lift in conversions, particularly amongst new and lapsed customers.

“The modern consumer expects personalization at every point along their journey,” said Annie Wazer, vice president of customer operations, Stylitics. “With smarter and more insightful technologies, we can pair consumer data and behaviors with inspiring content to create more powerful and effective email communications. This allows for a higher level of performance from campaigns and a way to build deeper, more relevant connections between brands and their customers.”

Attendees of 2018 in Las Vegas can learn more about how Stylitics is boosting the performance of email and other marketing channels by visiting booth #514.

About Stylitics

Stylitics is the leading visual outfitting and styling solution for retailers and publishers of all sizes. Using a powerful combination of algorithms, trend data, and stylist expertise, Stylitics delivers thousands of on-brand outfit recommendations across multiple channels such as e-commerce, email, advertising, stores, and social media to keep customers engaged and increase sales and marketing campaign performance. Stylitics is headquartered in New York City and works with top fashion, apparel, and accessories brands while reaching millions of consumers monthly. For more information, visit