Why You Need Complete the Look Technology

Complete the Look Retail Eccomerce Technology

Complete-the-look technology is changing the face of online retail and enabling a more personalized and engaging experience for online shoppers – and driving more sales in the process. This technology uses product images, attribution data and an intelligent styling algorithm to create visually appealing and on-brand outfits. Once the outfits have been created, online retailers can feature them in high-profile locations on their ecommerce websites to showcase product versatility, provide style inspiration for shoppers and expose shoppers to products that complement what they’re already buying.

Complete-the-look technology enables online retailers to deliver a personalized shopping experience, marketing and remarketing to online shoppers based on their preferences and purchase history, and using targeted images of outfits that contain their favorite or recently viewed products. Online retailers can recommend complementary products on their product pages, optimize category pages with a “Featured Looks” carousel, or offer a one-click outfit shop where shoppers can purchase a whole outfit with a single click.

If you’re not already using Complete the Look technology, keep reading to find out how online retailers are leveraging the unique features and benefits of this online retail solution and why you need Complete-the-look technology.

Complete the Look Technology Enables On-Brand Automation

When we think about the impact that complete-the-look technology is having for our clients, the most important aspect comes back to marketing automation. In the past, brands that wanted to showcase high-quality images of products being used or worn in-context on their websites had to spend huge money to hire models and photographers, plan a photo shoot, and even then it might only be possible to shoot a few hundred items in isolation each day. With our complete-the-look platform, Stylitics has automated the production of personalized marketing content for online retailers. Our platform gives online retailers and their marketing teams the ability to instantaneously coordinate thousands of outfits using their own styling guidelines and products in their catalog.

Complete-the-look technology uses high-quality images of individual items in your catalog, along with on-brand guidelines developed in collaboration with your team, to generate thousands of outfits that you can use to promote products in your e-commerce store and through social media channels. Our styling algorithm provides online retailers with thousands of on-brand outfits to use in promotions – far more outfits than could ever be captured as part of a traditional photo shoot. Even better, the algorithm tracks fashion trends, seasons, and out-of-stock items, enabling you to generate hundreds of in-stock and in-style outfits in just a few seconds and a few clicks. Our team of trained stylists reviews the output from our styling algorithm to ensure that you always see beautiful, coordinated outfits on your ecommerce website.

The ability to create on-brand outfits at scale enables online retailers to focus on delivering personalized product recommendations to the right user that will trigger a sale.

Review, Create and Edit Outfits with Ease

Our “complete the look” algorithm does an excellent job of building appealing outfits based on your brand guidelines, but what happens when one of our users sees an outfit that they don’t like? Complete-the-look technology isn’t just about generating outfits through an algorithm, it’s about giving online retailers the ultimate tool for automation and flexibility when it comes to representing their brand online. That’s why we enable our users to review or edit any outfit created by our unique styling algorithm with just a few simple clicks – or even create their own.

Using our simple platform, Stylitics users can create their own outfits by mixing and matching any of the products in their catalog. They can also review looks that are featured on their website, removing any outfits that don’t seem to match their brand guidelines or quality recommendations. Finally, users can edit outfits that the styling algorithm has created, swapping out one or more items to create the combination they want and featuring it on their website or other marketing materials.

The ability to create and edit outfits gives online retailers a whole new way to leverage complete-the-look technology in their ecommerce stores. Online retailers can choose between providing a set of style guidelines and having our styling algorithm create thousands of looks for their store in just a few minutes, or they can use our personalized styling tool in conjunction with their catalog to build and feature their own looks. Either way, online retailers get unprecedented flexibility and automation capabilities when it comes to producing customized marketing materials for their digital campaigns.

Publish Your Outfits Everywhere

Once you’ve worked with our team to generate style guidelines for our brand, used our state-of-the-art styling algorithm to create thousands of unique, on-brand outfits at the push of a button and had an opportunity to review and edit those outfits to your liking, you’re ready to deploy outfits to every part of your marketing operations. Outfits created with complete-the-look technology can be used to deliver personalized product recommendations via any marketing medium – here are some of the most popular options.

Outfits in Your Ecommerce Store

Outfits can be published on your E-commerce store and used to power personalized product recommendations. When a customer views a product, we help them “complete the look” by displaying a selection of outfits that include their chosen product alongside other products from your catalog. Anytime the customer visits a product page in your ecommerce store, you’ll be able to offer individualized styling and matching recommendations that drive sales.

Outfits can also be used to showcase best-selling or featured products on your high-traffic pages, helping to draw in first-time visitors and give added exposure to high-margin products. Our widgets and API tools help ensure that the right customer sees the right outfit at the right time.

Outfits in Your Marketing Emails

If you’ve been struggling with content creation for e-mail marketing campaigns, that’s all about to change. Complete-the-look technology provides you with a wealth of high-quality outfit images for use in e-mail marketing. Online retailers can use data collected from their customers to target them with the right outfits for promotional e-mail campaigns and re-marketing. If a customer views an item in your store, you can follow up by providing them a discount code via e-mail along with images of the viewed product featured in an outfit.

Outfits in Your Social Media

Online retailers are increasingly relying on social media as a means of increasing brand awareness and engagement. Complete the look technology provides a limitless source of content for social media posts and allows online retailers to easily coordinate the promotion of their newest products through their social channels. Stylitics users have the flexibility to instantly download any outfit as a high resolution image.


Complete-the-look technology is the most important new trend in online retail today, enabling retailers to offer personalized product recommendations that drive brand loyalty, customer engagement and sales. In this article, we highlighted three important ways that Stylitics users are benefiting from its complete-the-look technology.

Complete-the-look technology allows online retailers to create thousands of on-brand outfits using products in their own catalog in just a few minutes.  Complete-the-look technology removes the need for expensive photo shoots and automates the production of marketing materials. Online retailers also get access to the Stylitics platform where they can create new outfits using products in their catalog, edit existing outfits, or review outfits that are published on their websites and social platforms.

Outfits created with complete-the-look technology can be used in marketing materials across platforms to deliver personalized product recommendations and enhance customer experience.