Go from zero to launch in just eight weeks.

Stylitics makes it easy to test and scale the right outfitting and bundling programs for your brand, without the heavy lift upfront.

We Handle Everything

We turn your product content into inspiring visuals & experiences, like magic.

We've designed our onboarding process to require no setup fees, minimal time investment from your team, and less than a day of developer time.

Talk To An Onboarding Expert
No heavy tech integrations.
(We'll give you everything you need.)

You've heard it before - "a single line of JS". What we'll say instead is that the average tech setup time for Stylitics is less than a day for an engineer.

No new photography required.
(We optimize images - free of charge.)

It's like magic. We create beautiful, consistent flat lay images from your existing product shots. We remove the background and model, straighten arms, and more - to make it look just right.

No "extra" attribution expected.
(We’ll bulk up your data.)

Unlike many companies, Stylitics does not require you to add extra fields to your feed. Our tech can add occasion, style, color tones and families, and everything we need for world-class styling.


Onboarding & Launch

We launch over 1,000 outfitting programs a year, so we know how to make it seamless. Our expert team of specialists
will ensure a simple, fast, and painless ramp up process, guided by your Client Success lead.

  • Step 1: Program Planning
    Step 1: Program Planning

    Stylitics solutions help retailers improve a number of key metrics. We'll built a bespoke strategy that will deliver on your top priorities.

  • Step 2: Feed Analysis and Sync
    Step 2: Feed Analysis and Sync

    Our implementation specialists will analyze your feed and set up our technology to sync to the right product data.

  • Step 3: Styling Guidelines & Bespoke Algorithms
    Step 3: Styling Guidelines & Bespoke Algorithms

    Each brand is different. Our expert stylists will guide you through a collaborative (and fun!) process to better understand the specific voice of your brand.

  • Step 4: Personalization Strategy
    Step 4: Personalization Strategy

    Stylitics tech packs a powerful set of personalization features. Our specialists will guide you through the right omni-channel strategy to activate for your customer.

  • Step 5: Tech & Analytics Integration
    Step 5: Tech & Analytics Integration

    We'll provide the documentation and technical guidance to implement Stylitics quickly, with privacy, security, and performance built-in.

  • Launch & Sit Back!
    Launch & Sit Back!

    Your dedicated Stylitics team will manage every aspect of the program - ongoing new arrival style, out-of-stock refreshes, trend optimization, and more.


Measure & Optimize

As a long-term partner to our retail clients, we see it as our mission to keep driving results higher. Our data-driven approach helps us see what works well and what needs to be improved.

  • Reporting & Measurement

    Every session, program, click, and view is measured and analyzed, to drive the smartest recommendations.

  • Optimize & Personalize

    Our wealth of real-time data drives dynamic boosts, 1:1 personalization, smart re-ordering, labels, and more.


" These outfits make shopping for me so much faster! Rather than choosing an item and having to spend hours browsing the rest of the site for a matching piece, I can just look at the outfits. Life-saver!! "

Aliaksandra R.

Enhance & Expand

Outfitting is an omnichannel growth strategy, not a feature. The typical retailer has 10 or more Stylitics programs live across channels.

  • Program Strategy & Planning

    Our expert team understands your long-term goals and builds a step-by-step plan that delivers what you need.

  • Feed Ingestion

    Our integrations specialists know how to take your existing feed and set it up to drive outfitting.

  • Image Optimization
    & Background Removal

    We pull in your current product images and turn them into an outfit-optimized format at scale.

Did you know?

Stylitics tracks and optimizes performance for over 50M shoppers and 1,000+ live outfitting programs and campaigns.


Your Stylitics team stays with you all the way. No handoffs.

Unlike other companies, we pick the best team for you and stick with it, so we can build multi-year relationships together.

Meet Our Team
Natalie S.

New York, NY

Client Operations Lead

Katrina M.

New York, NY

Account Lead

Molly L.

New York, NY

Styling Lead

Krupa P.

New York, NY

Senior Integration Specialist

Evan P.

Pittsburgh, PA

Reporting Specialist

Eric A.

New York, NY

Business Development Lead


Everything you need all in one place.

Ingest Catalog

Seamlessly ingest your entire catalog.

Image Editing

Edit thousands for product photos.

Styling Team

Extension of your brand team.

Self-Service Dashboard

Create & publish content

Scales as Needed

Automated outfit creation keeps pace with inventory.

Multichannel Activations

Ecomm, social, marketing, in-store.

Reporting & Analytics

Track image performance & ROI.


No heavy integrations.

24/7 Support

We are available when you need us.

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