Stylitics for Box Automation

Go ahead. Think inside the box for once.

If you’re thinking of starting a subscription box program for your business, you’ve come to the right place. Our box automation solution works behind the scenes to power some of the world’s most successful subscription programs, saving our clients millions in start-up and production costs, and bringing fashion to doorsteps everywhere.


Skip the complicated build-out and get right to the good part: more sales.

As subscription boxes grow in favor among customers, it’s no wonder more retailers are considering starting a box program of their own. Our end-to-end box automation solution helps businesses launch a subscription box program in months rather than years by leveraging our outfitting technology to create completely personalized and stylish outfit boxes automatically. With styling taken care of in minutes rather than hours, you can move orders to the warehouse fast and free up stylists to focus on other priorities. Even better: built in data tracking and analysis optimizes outfit selection long after launch, so customers get more of what they love and less of what they don’t with every box.


Save a few million trips to the mailbox.

Our virtual box solution recreates the subscription box experience for customers online, inviting them to open their custom “box” via email first rather than mailing it straight to their door. Shoppers who like what they see can then opt to have a real box sent to their home with the click of a button. This way, customers still get the excitement of having outfits styled for them, and you save yourself the hassle of shipping unwanted outfits back and forth.

Join the top retailers already using Stylitics who inspire and engage their clients daily!

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