Stylitics In-Store

Build the store of the future, today.

Changes in the retail landscape are moving fast, but with Stylitics, you can move faster. Our outfitting technology integrates seamlessly into brick-and-mortar applications, so you can maximize in-store resources while providing a more personalized customer experience.


Empower every sales associate to become a stylist.

Ever wish you could have an experienced stylist greet every customer that walks in the door? Now you can. With our style advisor tools, sales associates can provide beautiful, on-the-spot outfit suggestions to shoppers based on inventory, without any special training. It’s easy to implement, easy to use, and shoppers will love the personal touch.


For shoppers who love sales but hate eye contact.

Not every customer wants hands-on assistance. For those that would rather help themselves, self-service styling is a non-intrusive way to offer outfit suggestions while cross-selling and upselling. Set up touchscreens throughout your store, or have customers scan items using their phones to pull up outfits. Then, customers can search or filter outfits based on event, color, weather, and more, until they find what they came for: the perfect outfit.


Say goodbye to boring walls.

Take down last month’s posters and elevate your store décor with dynamic outfit displays. With Stylitics, you can create timely digital and wallpaper displays that promote outfits based on real-time data such as upcoming events, changing customer preferences, and weather conditions. Change your display daily or even hourly; no matter what you do, you can be sure it will look good.

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