The world’s most powerful visual merchandising technology.

Stylitics powers your programs with a ground-breaking suite of patent-pending algorithms, based on a decade of real-world experience and over 100 billion user sessions.

Styling Supercharged

Incredible technology + brilliant shopper experiences, working for you.

The complete enterprise-grade solution to launch, scale, and optimize visual inspiration, paired with white-glove service.

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Dynamic Catalog & Image Attribution

We pull in your existing product catalog and auto-magically enhance it with occasion, style, persona, and image attributes.

(Yes, you get this data...for free!)

AI-Driven Styling and Bundling

Our next-generation technology builds on-brand looks in multiple formats, 100x faster.

(Your merchants always have total control...if they want it!)

Lightning-fast Experiences & APIs

Fast, flexible, and performance JavaScript experiences and REST APIs ready to drop in, so you don't need to build everything.

(Your product and engineering teams will look like heroes!)


Automation & Intelligence

Our patent-pending technology stack includes 25+ algorithms to handle
taxonomy enhancement, image editing, content creation, and more.

  • AutoStyle Technology

    Our patent-pending AI builds stylist-quality outfits 100x faster than humans.

  • AutoReplace Technology

    Products sell out. Our patent-pending AI can find and replace out-of-stock items with the perfect in-stock alternative.

  • AutoAttribution Technology

    Our patent-pending attribution tech enriches your images, products, and outfits with style, occasion, and theme metadata.

Did you know?

Stylitics creates more original visual content for the fashion industry than any other company in the world.


On-site Optimization & Personalization

No two shoppers are alike, so no experience should be either. Our Optimization &
Personalization Technology presents the right content for each shopper at the right time.
We do this by understanding the page, viewport, device, location, context, past behavior,
and more.

  • Smart Display Boosts

    Our patent-pending display tech intelligently boosts top-performing products and high-priority items.

  • 1:1 Personalization

    Our privacy-compliant personalization displays totally personalized outfits to shoppers based on their session, history, and more.

  • Continuous Learning & Optimization

    Our system reacts to the billions of daily inputs to optimize every outfit and result for each shopper.

Did you know?

Stylitics tunes each client’s algorithms to match
their customer type, brand rules, and merchandising strategy…

Powerful Insights

Actionable Reporting & Analytics

Our analytics suite provides end-to-end tracking on the revenue lift from Stylitics programs, so you can always prove ROI.

  • Performance Lift Testing

    Stylitics offers built-in lift testing in our front-end experiences to easily track lift in AOV, UPT, RPV, and more.

  • Engagement Analysis

    We track and report on customer engagement for every session at every level, from color to department to product.

  • Transaction Analysis

    We analyze every order to show you shifts in the basket with different outfitting strategies.

  • Trendspotting

    We look across billions of daily sessions to spot and highlight changes in trends across categories, style, color, and more.

Did you know?

Retailers see an average annual return of 46x
on their Stylitics programs.


Everything you need all in one place.

Ingest Catalog

Seamlessly ingest your entire catalog.

Image Editing

Edit thousands for product photos.

Styling Team

Extension of your brand team.

Self-Service Dashboard

login to style outfits

Scales as Needed

Automated outfit creation keeps pace with inventory.

Multichannel Activations

Ecomm, social, marketing, in-store.

Reporting & Analytics

Track image performance & ROI.


No heavy integrations.

24/7 Support

We are available when you need us.

Kohl's delivering Outfitting Automation for greatest scale and impact!

Outfitting has always been important to the Kohl’s customer, with Stylitics we were able to maximize the opportunity by delivering outfits at scale. Not only was Stylitics able to create outfits for over 75,000 pdp’s this year, we also launched 150 galleries which are curated marketing experiences that deliver outfitting directly to the customer.

Up $8 million

Incremental revenue:

Up 75,000

Annual # Product Display Pages

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