Take Commerce from
Transactional to Card Heart Inspirational

Stylitics’ Inspirational Commerce solutions deliver outfitting and product bundling across the entire shopper journey.

Inspire shoppers with great eCommerce experiences—growing sales and brand loyalty.

Stylitics Powers
Inspirational Commerce for 175+
of the World’s Leading Retailers

What we do

Delivering Personalized Inspiration to 200M+ Shoppers Every Month

Elevate the Shopper Experience

Our patented AI Bundling technology goes beyond traditional retail approaches to curate inspiring shopper experiences that captivate and engage them from start to finish. Bring your products to life in curated product bundles, personalized to every shopper’s unique tastes.

Drive Brand Loyalty

Inspirational Commerce and Stylitics’ AI Bundling technology deliver more cohesive, richer experiences to shoppers, rewarding a retailer’s most profitable customers—boosting LTV.

Increase Share of Wallet

Differentiation is a key driver of competitive success. By building unique journeys that inspire shoppers, retailers gain more share of wallet by effectively acquiring new shoppers and retaining existing customers.

What we do background

Results Matter

Stylitics’ Forrester TEI study highlights 563% ROI.

Stylitics commissioned Forrester Consulting to measure the ROI and added benefits realized by global retailers using bundling and outfitting technology.

Merchandising and eCommerce teams looking to create a more personalized and customer centric shopping experience can learn more by downloading the Total Economic Impact ™ Report.


average ROI over
a 3-year period


average order value


increase in
conversion rate


saved on image
processing costs

Styling at Scale

Style your entire catalog. Driving upsell and cross-sell while reducing image processing, marketing, and styling expenses.

  • Product bundling on every PDP curated for each shopper’s unique profile.

  • Showcase entire collections in coordinated product themes or bundle products across categories.

  • Style at scale. 100% styling coverage for your entire catalogue.

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AI bundling includes

What top brands
are saying about us

Retail Apparel,
Head of digital product
“Stylitics is a great example of digital testing and innovation. There are experiences out there that we could never think about five years ago… Now we see what [Stylitics] can do and how our customers enjoy it and it benefits their experience.”
VP of digital operations,
retail apparel
“The value is being able to inspire and create head-to-toe outfits that are relevant to our customers without the overhead and operational burden that it would take for us to do something internally.

With Stylitics, we’re able to create different inspirational experiences to shop head to toe at the right touchpoints for customers.”
VP of digital operations,
“People are going to buy their favorite sneaker, but we saw them adding up. We saw increases in UPT [units per transaction], conversion, and AOV when Stylitics was present. For us, it’s really driving those incremental wins and additional value.”
VP of digital operations,
retail apparel
“Stylitics has helped bring our lookbooks to life. It’s made it possible for us to bring more inspirational content to our customers and to then make that content really shoppable.”
VP of digital operations,
retail apparel
“Stylitics owns the majority of the implementation and development work on their end. It was a faster-moving implementation than a lot of third-party retailers.”