Make Every Image Shoppable

Give your shoppers the power of product discovery with just one click, and increase the ROI of every image on your site. Every static image is shoppable.
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Make Every Image <span>Shoppable</span>
Meet Visual Shopping

Harness the Power
of Computer Vision

Visual Shopping experiences turn every image into a product discovery opportunity.  Visual search helps shoppers find their favorite products.

Surface the Right Items
at the Right Time

Advanced Computer Vision and Visual Recognition AI create inspirational shopping experiences that drive product discovery.

Stylitics Powers Inspirational Commerce for 175+ of the World’s Leading Retailers

Powered by Advanced Visual AI

Computer Vision AI

Similar Recommendations

Computer Vision AI identifies products from editorial imagery and identifies similar items from your product catalog.

Search by Image

Build experiences that allow shoppers to upload images and identify similar products so they can build the perfect outfit.

Advanced Attribution

AI deconstructs all elements of an item identifying color, pattern, cut, and style attributes to identify the perfect match.

Data Enrichment

Power On-Site Experiences

Visual recognition AI allows retailers to supplement their product data with 100s of additional attributes.  Simplify the shopping journey by improving visual search and SEO.

Enhanced Product Data

Stylitics actively updates and enriches data across 800 catalogs, touching an average of 1.2 million products. We deeply know your data feed.

Advanced Attribution

Auto-detect and assign attributes such as Style, Themes, Occasions, Formalities, Trends, Colors, Age Groups, Silhouettes, Neckline, Sleeve Length, and more.

Visual Search

Improve Search

Build experiences using Data Enrichment and Computer Vision AI to deliver more accurate results for any type of product search.

Improve Discoverability

Visual Shopping lets shoppers explore your catalog through imagery, driving product discoverability while driving engagement and time on site.

Create Brand Loyalists

Shoppers want a streamlined shopper journey. Visual search helps them find the products they’ve been looking for with one click.

Turn Every Visual Experience into Something Shoppable

Improve Product Discoverability

Visual Shopping gives eCommerce teams the ability to add and create new experiences that make any site imagery a shoppable experience.

Improve your site's shoppability

Improve engagement, discoverability, and time on site

Turn content expenses into revenue

Inspire shoppers with dynamic image-based shopping experiences

Convert Basic Visual Merchandising Images into Revenue

Deliver curated product bundles and outfits based on what shoppers are searching for that are always on-brand, across every PDP. Deliver a human stylist’s touch at scale with AI Bundling and Outfitting technology.

Improve editorial photography ROI

Drive sellthrough by making imagery shoppable

Reduce shopping friction for seasonal merch campaigns

Increase product touchpoints and generate more views for every item

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