Make Every Shopper a VIP with 1:1 Shopping

Drive brand loyalty, repeat visits, and CLV with Stylitics' eCommerce personalization engine. Make every shopper a VIP by giving them a unique shopper journey.
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Make Every Shopper a VIP with <span>1:1 Shopping</span>
Meet 1:1 Shopping

Deliver Personal Styling Advice

Personalize the entire shopper journey from browse to purchase.

A New Way to Understand Your Shopper Style

1:1 Shopping helps retailers uncover the most important behavioral attributes and data points that create personalized shopper journeys tailored to every shopper’s preferences.

Stylitics Powers Inspirational Commerce for 175+ of the World’s Leading Retailers

Personalize Every Shopper Journey

eCommerce Personalization Platform

Style Past Purchases

Help your shoppers build the perfect wardrobe from your catalog by styling their past purchases with new collections.

Truly 1:1

No experience is the same. The Style Profile builds a dynamic, accurate picture of every shopper’s unique style, which increases customer loyalty and retention.

Shopper Profiles

Preferences change. The Shopper Profile evolves as your shopper’s style changes from season to season and session to session.

PDPs: Personalized Product Recommendations

Optimized Product Bundling and Outfitting

Product bundling and outfitting is integral to the shopper journey.  Leverage 1:1 Shopping to show the right outfit every time.

Better PDPs

The PDP is the new home page. Give your shoppers a more relevant bundling and outfitting experience that increases sales and shopper retention.

Styled for You

Our personalization engine guides shoppers to build a new wardrobe using past purchases directly on the PDP.

Website Personalization on CLPs, PLPs, and Home Pages

Improve the Search Experience

Add personalized product bundle and outfits to CLPs and PLPs, delivering high-converting, inspirational styles to mid-funnel shoppers.

Personalize with Context

Build informed category experiences specific to past purchased and browsed products—eCommerce personalization that encourages repeat purchases.

Improve Discoverability

Add personalized bundling and outfitting directly into search results, giving shoppers inspirational content that highlights categories and promotes cross-selling.

Customer Retention: Styled for You Hub

Full Page Experiences

Build experiences that allow shoppers to explore dynamic, personalized content based on past interactions that keep shoppers coming back to your eCommerce site.

Your Shopper's Personal Wardrobe

Provide loyal shoppers with a dedicated place to explore the latest products, trends, and styles to perfectly complement their current wardrobe.

Cookie-less Personalization that Meets the Latest Requirements

Security & Privacy

Stylitics doesn't hold any PII, and all shopper history is completely anonymized.

Account History

Personalize 2 years of purchase history to build the best experience for loyal shoppers.

No Cookies, No Problem

1:1 Shopping future-proofs the elimination of 3rd party cookies by leveraging first party data and local storage.

Shoppers Insights with Inspirational Commerce

Shopper Sessions Analyzed Daily
Shoppers Interacting With Stylitics Products Every Month
eCommerce Events Tracked To-Date

Inspirational Commerce for Your Entire Organization

Personalize the On-Site Experience

1:1 Shopping gives eCommerce teams the ability to add curated content to multiple cross-site pages that improve conversion and customer retention rates.  Inspire shoppers with personalized product recommendations that match their unique style.

Build your personalization strategy

Improve average order value, conversion rates, and revenue per session

Increase engagement, cross-sell, and time on-site

Drive brand loyalty and CLTV; build a cohesive journey from first visit through latest purchase

Personalized Email Marketing

Personalized product recommendations straight in the shopper’s inbox. Reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase checkout conversions by delivering product bundling and outfitting straight to the shopper off-site. 

Power your growth strategy

Improve the relevancy of post-purchase and promotional email campaigns

Increase clickthrough and engagement rates

Build personalized email strategies at scale

1:1 Visual Merchandising Strategies

Deliver curated product bundling and outfitting based on shopper preferences that are always on-brand, across every PDP. Deliver a human stylist’s touch at scale with AI bundling technology.

Use personalization to power merchandising

Improve inventory sellthrough

Target shoppers with the right product at the right time

Build personalized bundles that promote cross-sales

Meet the Inspirational

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