Where Digital Merchandising Meets Product Discovery

Stylitics’ AI Bundling and Oufitting technology transforms manual digital merchandising efforts into beautiful product bundles at scale. Enable personalized product discovery across every PDP, landing page, and marketing campaign.
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Where Digital Merchandising Meets <span>Product Discovery</span>

Stylitics Powers Inspirational Commerce for 175+ of the World’s Leading Retailers

Meet AI Styling

Styling at Scale

Style your entire catalog. Drive upsell and cross-sell while reducing image processing, styling, and marketing expenses.

Personalized Style Inspiration
for Every Shopper

AI Styling delivers personalized product inspiration to help your shoppers make the right purchase decision no matter how they like to shop.
Stylitics is a great example of digital testing and innovation. There are experiences out there that we could never think about five years ago… Now we see what [Stylitics] can do and how our customers enjoy it and it benefits their experience.” 
Retail Apparel,
Head of digital product

Explore Features & Benefits

Intelligent Visual Merchandising, 1,000X Faster, at Stylist Quality

Brand Specific

Incorporate brand rules and guidelines directly into your AI Styling and Outfitting program.

Enriched Bundling and Outfitting

Our Styling AI automatically builds and optimizes product bundles and outfits based on feedback, learning and ensuring quality at scale.

Catalog-Wide Scale

Reach your entire catalog with head-to-toe styling and extract more value from long-tail products and new categories.

Real-Time Optimization

Stylitics’ AI Styling and Outfitting optimization engine incorporates item and outfit performance into every experience, pushing inventory faster without discounting and increasing average order value.

Complete the Look

Our AI technology takes single product items, pairing them into complementing bundles. Complete the Look inspires shoppers and provides product versatility.

Personalized Experiences for Every Shopper, in Real-Time

Shopper Style Profiles

Stylitics Style Profile and Personalization AI build a richer picture of every shopper’s personal preferences, style, and tastes.

Personalized PDPs

Deploy Style Profile data onto PDPs with our 1:1 Shopping suite, showing the right outfits and the right products at the right time.

Leverage Purchase and Browse Data, Boost AOV

Use existing shopper data to connect past purchases and browsed items to new arrivals, boosting customer AOV and UPT.

Omnichannel Personalization

Add personalized bundles to your home page, PDPs, CLPs, PLPs, and marketing emails.

Differentiate Your Brand,
Your Aesthetic, and Your Shopper

100s of Configurations

Use Stylitics’ AI Styling and Outfitting technology, and make it your own with 100s of different configurations and UI/UX options.

Customizable CSS

Match your brand style and aesthetic with fully customizable front-end experiences.

Features and Add-Ons

With Stylitics’ library of core features and add-ons, you build the perfect product bundling and outfitting experiences for your shoppers.

Continuous Improvements

With continuous user testing, product design, and experimentation, we help you build the best-performing shopper journey possible.

Understand What Inspires, Engages, and Converts Your Visitors

Out of the Box A/B Testing

Build optimal product bundling and outfitting experience with complete variant-level A/B testing capabilities, improving eCommerce conversion rates.

Performance Reporting

Understand the impact of Stylitics’ bundling and outfitting programs to showcase sought-after products.

Stylitics Optimization Labs

Low/no code experimentation at scale. Leverage product, feature, and merchandising configuration options with our in-house expert-led testing solution.

Trend Reports

Insight into market and industry style trends to inform merchandising and business decisions (coming soon).

Results from Inspirational Commerce

Merchandising Cost Savings
Average ROI in 3-year period
Average Order Values

Omnichannel Personalization Throughout the Journey

Deliver the inspiration of AI Styling and Outfitting across the entire shopper journey.


Add personalized omnichannel content to triggered, promotional, and post-purchase emails, improving clickthrough rates and email conversion rates.


Increase Facebook and Instagram ROAS by adding inspirational outfitting and bundling content to ad campaigns at scale.


Increase PDP performance with dynamic outfitting and product bundling content that gives shoppers the confidence to complete a sale.

Display Ads

Improve retargeting ad content quality by transforming browse and purchase data into ad campaigns that drive ROAS.

Native App

Seamlessly mirror the on-site shopper experience in-app with Stylitics’ mobile SDK and visual merchandising AI.

Inspirational Commerce
for Your Entire Organization

Deliver Inspiration On-Site

AI Bundling and Outfitting on-site highlights the value and versatility of your products at scale. Inspire shoppers with highly curated visual merchandising content across on-site properties at scale.

Add inspiration to your eCommerce site

Improve average order value, eCommerce conversion rates, and revenue per session

Increase engagement, cross-sell, and time on-site

Drive brand loyalty and CLTV; build a cohesive journey from first visit through latest purchase

Deliver Omnichannel Personalization

Meet shoppers where they’re browsing, delivering retargeting product bundling and outfitting content and ads across display, social, and email. Reduce shopping cart abandonment, and increase checkout conversions through personalized product recommendations.

Power your growth strategy

Improve the visual quality of email, ad, and social campaigns

Increase clickthrough rates and return on ad spend (ROAS)

Personalize every email campaign

Drive Visual Merchandising Performance with Inspirational Commerce

Deliver curated outfits and bundles that are always on-brand across every PDP. Deliver a human stylist’s touch at scale with AI Bundling and Outfitting technology.

Scale your merchandising programs

Improve inventory sellthrough

Reduce reliance on promotions

Reach the entire catalog and improve cross-selling

Meet the Inspirational

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