Supercharge your marketing channels.

Increase ROAS by integrating outfits across social, ads, email, and more, leading to dynamic and personalized landing pages.

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Every channel works better with outfitting

Triggered Email
Retargeting Ads
Marketing Emails
Display Ads

Outfitting x Social Ads = Magic

Sync the shoppable outfits on your site to your prospecting, remarketing, and re-targeting Facebook Ads.

Make #ootd and high-quality outfit inspiration easier on Instagram, across social posts and ads.

Use your on-site outfits and bundles to build high-quality outfit boards that perform 5x better than product content.


Partners & Live Integrations

Stylitics and Movable Ink allow retailers to power personalized, on-brand outfits via email based on customer behavior and purchase history.

Emarsys triggers and sends the personalized outfitting content that Stylitics creates across email, web, social, and SMS.

Cordial is a real-time messaging and data platform for companies to deliver personal, relevant, and intelligent messages across any channel.

Combined with Stylitics' outfitting recommendations, Narvar helps retailers champion their consumers at every branded touch point of the journey.

Clientela and Stylitics partner to provide sales associates and clients with an all-in-one solution for interactive styling services.

Stylitics supplements Bluecore's product data with Complete the Look recommendations to create personalized experiences that increase conversion.

Activate Stylitics creative on Criteo’s Commerce Media Platform to deliver full-funnel marketing results across an extensive network of publishers.

Salesfloor’s clienteling platform works with Stylitics’ outfit recommendation engine to help associates provide personalized recommendations.

Tulip’s Assisted Selling App delivers a personalized shoulder-to-shoulder experience for shoppers to transform one-time buyers into loyal customers.

Pimberly enables enriched product information that drives Stylitics functionality, optimizing the user experience at every touchpoint of the customer journey.

Listrak is trusted by 1,000+ leading retailers for email, SMS & cross-channel orchestration. Together with Stylitics, retailers can utilize data to personalize the customer experience.

The partnership between Nobal and Stylitics combines Brick and Mortar retail with E-commerce, creating in-store visual outfitting and styling through an interactive mirrored display.

Wunderkind's identification technology coupled with Stylitics' dynamic outfitting content work together to scale personalized, high-performing emails that drive additional revenue for retailers.

Zembula puts the power of your data back in your hands. Using Zembula & Stylitics together gives retailers the ability to generate dynamic & personalized content that helps to convert customers.

Using Stylitics together with Ometria, brands can enrich their email strategy with visual outfitting to offer engaging content to drive purchasing conversions.

Email Integrations

Upgrade Triggered
& Marketing Emails

Bring personalized inspiration based on purchases, abandoned cart, and local trends into every email program.

Why Retailers Love it
  • 35% higher open rates
  • 30% higher conversion rate
  • Integrates into all major ESPs

Build the perfect email
marketing campaign

Post-Purchase Email

Show outfits based on past purchases, browsing history, implicit and explicit preferences, and more.

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Abandoned Cart

Bring them back to the site with automated, personalized outfit suggestions for the items left in their cart.

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Men’s Wearhouse saw a 78% increase in conversion
rate by adding smart checkout recommedations.


Intelligence from click to conversion

BETTER CONTENT: Stylitics optimizes ads and emails in real-time by boosting top performing, trending, and personalized content.

BETTER LANDING PAGES: Stylitics experiences and modules match what is clicked on to what is shown on-site, driving higher conversion with a seamless experience across channels.

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Omnichannel Integrations

We connect to your vendors

Stylitics works with your email, ad, and marketing vendors to sync bundled content into every channel.

  • Multiple Formats

    Several ways for approved partners to pull in Stylitics content.

  • Daily Content Syncs

    Refresh every day with the latest in-stock & on-trend looks.

  • Enhanced Metadata

    Dozens of Stylitics-added attributes to make every channel smarter.

  • Playbooks and Best Practices

    Guidance on how to build the right programs by channel.

Revolve launches new triggered email campaigns

Revolve wanted to improve email KPIs through adding more editorial content into abandoned cart, loyalty, and markdown messages. By adding Stylitics outfits to triggered email, they were able to offer every shopper a selection of personalized editorial looks, with immediate lift in KPIs.

↑ 31%

Campaign revenue

↑ 6.5%

Campaign orders

↑ 12%


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