There is no question that digital merchandising is expected to do a heavy lift – it is the guiding force that inspires customers and leads them to make a purchase.

There is no question that digital merchandising is expected to do a heavy lift – it is the guiding force that inspires customers and leads them to make a purchase. This path to purchase needs to be packed with on-brand content that drives conversion. Many brands have learned that offering outfit recommendations and style advice can drive upwards of a 21% increase in average order value and online shoppers will purchase one to two more items if shown how to wear them.

So the question is, what else can you do with that high-performance outfit content? It’s important to make outfit recommendations an expected part of the discovery and shopping journey for your customers, and as we know, the customer journey doesn’t exist solely on e-comm. Social media goes a long way in building deeper relationships with your current customers, engaging new ones, and facilitating sale transactions.

Pinterest is among the top visual search engines packed with more than 250 million users that are primed and ready to buy – making it an ideal spot to offer style and outfit advice. The best pins are visually compelling, tell a good story, and make people want to learn more. Plus size fashion company, Dia & Co., is one example of a brand experiencing incredible results from bringing outfits into their Pinterest strategy. Following are five easy steps to get started engaging your followers with awesome outfit pins!

Identify the key trends or themes your followers will love

To start, we recommend giving some thought to the trends and themes that are most important to your strategy. There’s also no harm in testing several to see which ones perform best with your audience. If you’re new to Pinterest, it’s a good idea to launch multiple boards to offer your customer some variety and keep her engaged. Once you know which themes or trends you want to focus on, you can get started adding relevant outfits to your boards.

If you are using a platform such as Stylitics to create and manage your outfit content, there are multiple, easy ways to export your outfits to your Pinterest page. Your account manager can guide you on the right path for you and your outfits. Simply select your favorite looks, and you’ll have plenty of new pins in no time.

Pin away!


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Highlight outfits in your banner

It’s essential to create a cohesive experience and aesthetic for your followers so they know what to expect from your page. You need to educate her about your beautiful outfit content, and there’s no better place than within your page banner. Similar to your e-commerce experience, you need to make outfitting a strategy for your social media pages. Highlight and promote your outfits across multiple touch points within the experience to engage and excite your followers.



Feature your best performing or newly added boards

Once you have your boards set up the way you’d like, you can select a few to feature at the top of your page. You might want to consider showcasing your most pinned or most recently added boards. Be sure to refresh your featured boards regularly so your followers can see something new whenever they come back to your page.

Keep your boards up to date with fresh outfits

Don’t let all the work you did setting up your boards go to waste! It’s just as important to keep your boards fresh with new, gorgeous outfits. With Stylitics, your account team will be creating new outfits for you all the time, so you’ll have no shortage of fresh outfits to choose from. You’ll want to add new boards from time to time, so the themes and trends feel current with the season, launches, and promotions.

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