Digital retail is an ever changing landscape, where eCommerce has evolved from a visually dynamic (and often expensive) homepage that links to a static product page, to an ecosystem where most customers are using search engines and social media to bypass the main landing page altogether.

Today’s consumers are demanding a personalized and engaging experience that caters to their tastes and directly ties to their browsing and buying history. What used to be seen as “since you purchased this” is now being replaced by curated sessions that inspire shoppers to browse complementary items and make them more likely to build bigger baskets, which increases AOV and lifetime loyalty.

In 2023 Stylitics commissioned a Total Economic Impact (™) (TEI) study from Forrester Consulting, part of a leading research and advisory firm, who created a composite organization that is a global retailer with at least $500M in revenue, 20,000 SKU’s and who manually outfitted only 5% of their catalog prior to using Stylitics.

The study analyzed and measured the impact of these suites of solutions to their bottom line success.

Inside you’ll discover how Stylitics:

  • Increased Conversion Rate by 15%
  • Profit growth of $2.5M in CR and AOV
  • Increased AOV 10%
  • Savings $1.7 M

Download the Forrester Total Economic Impact (™) (TEI) study of Stylitics.