How ‘Get the Look’ Contextual Commerce Drives Product Discovery and Conversions
Outfitting & Bundling
July 24, 2023

How ‘Get the Look’ Contextual Commerce Drives Product Discovery and Conversions

Rohan Deuskar, founder and CEO of Stylitics, shares insights into trends reshaping e-commerce.

As artificial intelligence (AI) runs rampant in the retail industry, augmented reality (AR) solutions, high-quality imagery, relevant product recommendations and all attempts to get personalized are ramping up — making uber personalization the new normal. 

One element to personalization on eCommerce that often gets overlooked is the impact and power behind “Get the Look” functionality. Such a feature can play a role in enhancing the  shopping experience by allowing customers to visualize all the ways they can style a particular product. By presenting items or accessories that pair well with the main product, it enables customers to envision the overall look and potential outfit combinations. This enhances their understanding of the product’s versatility and encourages them to buy additional items. 

The Get the Look, or “Complete the Look” feature as eTailers like Revolve call it, also facilitates additional product discovery. By suggesting products that align with the customer’s preferences and interests, it opens up new avenues for exploration within the online store. It’s a powerful strategy for cross-selling and upselling.  

In a recent PYMNTS interview, Rohan Deuskar, the founder and CEO of Stylitics, delves into how the company is using its solution, along with its newly acquired technology called Wide Eyes, to enhance inspirational commerce by incorporating image recognition and AI capabilities.