Cloud Tech Helps Retailers Improve Front-end, Back-end Capabilities
September 5, 2023

Cloud Tech Helps Retailers Improve Front-end, Back-end Capabilities

Cloud-based solutions are changing the retail industry.

MJ Jastrebski, Stylitics’ CPO, and other industry leaders share insights into ecommerce tech.

The days of legacy tech stacks and Frankenstein-ed integration solutions are coming to an end. Replacing it are AI-powered cloud-based platforms that integrate easily and provide retailers and brands instant insights.

These solutions provide visibility and data across the entire value chain. And it’s changing the way brands and retailers source, make, market and sell goods.

“Integrated platforms are the future of commerce for both shoppers and brands,” Remington Tonar, cofounder of, told WWD. “The ability to connect marketing, sales and distribution channels has the power to improve customer experience across touchpoints on the front-end of commerce and streamline often fragmented operations for brands on the back-end.”

But it doesn’t end there.

Tonar said commerce players “have placed a lot of focus on unifying the front-end of commerce, the pre-purchase and at-purchase experiences that drive customer acquisition and conversion. However, I firmly believe the future will also see integration and unification across post-purchase operations as well.”