How the Next Phase of Personalization Drives Conversions
May 24, 2023

How the Next Phase of Personalization Drives Conversions

Rohan Deuskar, founder and CEO of Stylitics, shares insights into trends reshaping e-commerce.

The shopping journey is no longer a clear and linear path. Brands and retailers can interact with consumers in various ways and at different touch points that twist and intersect — online, on social and IRL. But the endgame is clear: brands need to lure shoppers to their sites if they want to see a conversion.

Meanwhile, shoppers are hunting for fashion inspiration. And they also want a personalized experience that is smooth, fun and delightful. But can you inspire customers while also driving conversions? Rohan Deuskar, founder and chief executive officer of Stylitics, the shoppable content platform provider, says yes. Here, Deuskar discusses e-commerce trends, consumer behavior, and how the industry is entering a second phase of AI-powered personalization.