Stylitics and NOBAL to Demo Advanced Interactive Mirror at NRF 2022
January 12, 2022

Stylitics and NOBAL to Demo Advanced Interactive Mirror at NRF 2022

Attendees are invited to create an avatar, virtually “try on” clothes, and see inspiring outfits at booth #35 in the Innovation Lab NRF chose NOBAL as a standout tech startup reshaping retail

Stylitics, an innovator in visual merchandising and outfitting solutions for top brands and retailers, and NOBAL Technologies, the global technology company behind the iMirror, welcome NRF attendees to booth #35 in the Innovation Lab to create a lifelike avatar, virtually “try on” clothes, and see inspiring outfit recommendations. Live demos will recreate the sustainable, self-guided shopping experience the iMirror provides customers in Puma’s New York City flagship store and reveal never-before-seen applications for brands.

As more consumers are drawn to interactive in-store displays, retailers are now able to bring high-performing online outfitting and virtual try-on into stores. Shoppers creating iMirror avatars who “wear” multiple outfits have the confidence to skip fitting rooms since they get outfit suggestions and can browse beyond what’s in stock, which helps alleviate employee stress. Stores with iMirrors have seen basket sizes jump up to 20%.

“Our in-store consumer engagement has been so impressive after installing NOBAL Technologies “iMirror” and integrating Stylitics’ visual outfitting technology in our NYC flagship store,” said Mike Pray, Director, Ecommerce Operations at PUMA. “The customer-first tech these partners built gives shoppers an entertaining way to browse in-store and online inventory which helps us better understand what products, collections, and looks people like. The cutting-edge iMirror also lets shoppers snap a selfie and post to their social accounts that organically promotes the store.”

This collaboration with NOBAL helps retailers offer a high-quality, personalized styling experience to shoppers without needing dressing rooms or in-house stylists,” said Rohan Deuskar, Founder & CEO, Stylitics. “Retailers can now make the most of visual outfitting to merge online and offline shopping experiences that drive revenue and loyalty.

Live demos at booth #35 in the Innovation Lab will let NRF attendees:

  • Use iMirror to create a custom avatar with 200-plus measurement points
  • Dress their full-body avatar by scanning barcodes, then rotate it by 360 degrees
  • Scroll iMirror to browse items and AI-driven outfit recommendations from Stylitics

Retailers tell us they see an increase to customer basket size of fifteen to twenty percent by using iMirror,” said NOBAL CEO Bill Roberts. “Even better is that they’re discovering their ROI in iMirror in less than a week. By accurately showing people how products look on them, our tech helps retailers unlock profits and reduce shrinkage.

Endless Virtual Shoppable Looks
Whether showing in-stock products or an entire catalog, the 3D images of clothing “worn” by customers’ avatars can be provided by a retailer’s image library or NOBAL. This experience syncs with the millions of Stylitics outfit recommendations offered to shoppers on the Puma site, making it easy to implement.

Join us in the Innovation Lab (booth #35) at NRF 2022 from January 16-18, 2022, to see the world’s most advanced interactive mirror, iMirror from NOBAL, and AI-powered outfitting recommendations from Stylitics.

Future Announcements
Consumers will have a hassle-free, self-service checkout option on iMirror through NOBAL’s forthcoming tap-to-pay solution, in partnership with VISA.

About Stylitics
Stylitics offers a SaaS visual merchandising platform for top brands and retailers such as Express, Kohl’s, and Puma to inspire online shoppers with personalized styling and outfit suggestions. Headquartered in New York City, Stylitics drives billions of dollars in revenue for more than 3,600 brands across 100-plus retailers by increasing basket sizes as well as product and category discovery. Innovative retailers choose Stylitics to create on-brand styling ideas for 100 million shoppers every month. Learn more at

NOBAL Technologies Inc. is a world leader in producing intelligent mirror solutions that provide interactive retail experiences on their “iMirror” that provide interactive retail experiences to consumers. Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Calgary, the company helps retail and hospitality brands increase consumer basket sizes while minimizing shrinkage and cart abandonment through its touch-sensitive iMirror. The company’s agnostic software allows it to seamlessly integrate with retailers’ current operating systems and is adaptable to limitless products and services. Visit