Stylitics Drives ROI With Inspirational Commerce
Inspirational Commerce
October 18, 2023

Stylitics Drives ROI With Inspirational Commerce

The north star for tech-savvy retailers is a  “you-centric” shopping experience, and it’s driving the next generation of customer-focused solutions designed to make each consumer feel as though they are a brand VIP.

Inspiring customers to think beyond a single product purchase by encouraging the exploration of fully curated and styled outfits or rooms is an investment worth making.

Retailers applying this type of personalization to their websites are able to offer additional product choices, driving better engagement, bigger baskets, and increased AOV with each online session.

The recent Forrester Consulting study commissioned by Stylitics found that “In the highly competitive retail space, retailers and brands face higher customer acquisition costs and increased margin pressure. Organizations must deliver inspiring experiences to shoppers while also managing costs and improving efficiency.”

This move, from transactional commerce, as perfected by companies like Amazon, to a new, highly visual approach, isn’t only good for consumers. It’s great for retailers.

Stylitics offers the art of Inspirational Commerce™, and it’s at the core of our suite of retail solutions. These AI-driven tools are leading a personalization revolution in digital shopping and the entire industry is taking note.

In a recent Vogue Business article titled, “Fashion is still trying to recreate the Clueless closet. Can AI help?”, both Stylitics Founder & CEO, Rohan Deuskar and Revolve’s Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Mike Karanikolas, discussed how offering outfits that cater directly to a customer’s style and past purchases create loyal shoppers who no longer want to sort through 1000’s of products.

The Forrester study found that a composite organization, comprised of interviewed brands who utilized Stylitics’ AI, realized approximately eight thousand resource hours saved annually, allowing merchandising and eComm teams to re-allocate their time to focus on other revenue-generating activities.

When these teams lack the time to manually style outfits or rooms in their product catalogs, it reduces their customers’ overall shopping experience.


Creating product bundles at scale offers brands and retailers the ability to style 100% of their catalogs, greatly increasing the chances that consumers will not only find what they’re looking for earlier in their online sessions, but that they will engage with products more, buy more, and be more loyal to those retailers that offer them an inspired way to shop.

Click here to read the Full Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ Study of Stylitics.

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