Stylitics Partners with Movable Ink to Power Personalized Outfitting Content for Omnichannel Marketing
December 10, 2020

Stylitics Partners with Movable Ink to Power Personalized Outfitting Content for Omnichannel Marketing

We seek to partner with outstanding companies in the e-commerce universe and continually grow our network to benefit our customers.

This week, we kicked off an exciting new partnership with Movable Ink, a leading contextual content engine. This partnership brings together a data-driven, dynamic content platform with beautiful outfit recommendations to create high-converting visual merchandising experiences for any channel.

The COVID-19 pandemic wholly shifted the retail world, sending shoppers online and marketers scrambling to boost digital experiences with ways to create that ‘surprise and delight’ product discovery moment typically found in stores.

But what remains the same is the online shopper’s expectation of personalization. Consumers expect retailers to know a bit about them – purchase and browsing history, location, and even the weather outside their window. This expectation makes personalization a red-hot priority for marketers as it delivers relevant and timely messaging, builds trust, sparks inspiration, and motivates a purchase.

Together, Stylitics and Movable Ink allow retailers to power personalized, on-brand outfit and style imagery with dynamic and inspiring product displays that result in larger basket size and higher conversions.

The integration automatically populates merchandise bundles into omnichannel marketing and automated emails. Retailers can capture enriched data from several products to target or re-target customers via email and other digital channels based on customer behavior and purchase history.

A few key features of the integration include:

  • Collection of enriched data from several products on various client/retailer sites, and bundle with real-time pricing.
  • Enhancement of the customer experience to account for size groups, formalities, available inventory, and more.
  • Visualization of audience insights and ways to provide relatable content using customer behavior or purchase history.