From Transactional to Transformational: Unlocking the Power of Inspirational Commerce this Black Friday & Cyber Monday
Retail Trends
June 7, 2023

From Transactional to Transformational: Unlocking the Power of Inspirational Commerce this Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become “holidays” for both consumers and retailers alike. These highly anticipated shopping days provide a platform for businesses to showcase their products, attract new customers, and boost sales. However, the retail strategy of being purely transactional, pushing the customer to the BUY NOW button as quickly as possible is no longer an effective strategy. Consumers are burned out by choices and bombarded with promotions and endless sales campaigns filling their inbox. They are tired of the familiar scroll through product feeds and are looking for a personalized experience that is tailored to their tastes and preferences, making them feel like a VIP to the brands they are interacting with.

How can retailers stand out and create a customer-centric experience that goes beyond the littered landscape of abandoned shopping carts? The answer lies in unlocking the power of inspirational commerce. 

Utilizing Bundling and Featured Shops to Create a Customer Centric Experience

Bundles bring together complementary products that cater to a specific theme or customer need. By offering these thoughtfully curated assortments, retailers can enhance the shopping experience, provide convenience, and encourage customers to explore and discover more products within their store. 

Featured shops are another way to showcase a range of products that align with a particular aesthetic, lifestyle, or trend. By presenting these highly visual and user friendly collections, retailers can inspire an in-store shopping experience without their customers ever leaving the house. Stylitics enables retailers to leverage editorial images that enhance product visualization and assist customers in imagining how an item might look on them. 

Stylitics takes care of the setup, helping retailers focus on what matters most, identifying the perfect products for bundling and creating attractive combinations that drive additional sales right away.

How Does Inspirational Commerce Impact Key Metrics?

A large multi-brand retailer put this strategy to the test. By implementing featured shops to create a more customer centric shopping experience, they achieved a 26% increase in Average Order Value (AOV),  a 35% increase in Units per Transaction (UPT), and an increase of over 50% in Revenue per Visitor (RPV). With Stylitics, transforming from transactional commerce to inspirational commerce can have an immediate impact on a retailer’s bottom line.

Inspirational Commerce and Black Friday/Cyber Monday

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday approach, retailers need to think beyond transactions and focus on building meaningful connections with their customers. By embracing the concept of inspirational commerce, retailers will unlock new opportunities to create exceptional shopping experiences. Stylitics is here to support businesses in their journey, offering the tools and expertise needed to transform their websites and strategies from transactional to transformational. 

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