AI Outfitting and Style Quizzes: Valentine’s Day Fashion
February 7, 2023

AI Outfitting and Style Quizzes: Valentine’s Day Fashion

‘Twas the week before Valentine’s Day and all through the house, creatures were stirring, many still trying to figure out what to wear for the first big night out of 2024.

You could start with Google: “Valentine’s Day Dresses” and have 156,000,000 items to choose from, or maybe click on a favorite retailer’s website and type “Red Dresses” and be offered 1000 choices.


Modern retail technology has harnessed the power of AI to curate outfit bundles that help shoppers find a perfect look any day of the year. Still, when it comes to styling for special occasions, some brands have taken a page out of women’s magazines of yesteryear and created digital style quizzes.

One of the brands having fun with the genre is Anne Klein, who utilize Stylitics’ product bundling in their style quizzes to put together dazzling and personalized outfits, first for New Year’s Eve and most recently for the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday.

With a few simple questions, they create engaging experiences for their shoppers, ending with fully styled looks or carefully selected choices that will excite and resonate based on customer answers.

Said the brand, “At, our passion lies in crafting engaging, interactive features to enhance the online experience for our valued customers. Our delightful quizzes not only add an element of fun but also allow us the opportunity to tailor a carefully curated look for each unique visitor. Unveiling just in time for the season of love, our Valentine’s Day Quiz offers the perfect avenue to discover a personalized and curated collection, designed for you to celebrate this special day in style!”

Shoppers today are increasingly looking for in-store experiences online, a one-to-one approach offering personalized online sessions that go beyond the transactional by putting the customer at the center of the journey, improving loyalty, and delivering inspiration at every touch point.

Take the Anne Klein Valentine’s Day Style Quiz today and to find a sweetheart look just in time to celebrate the love of your life.