Stylitics Best of 2023 in Retail Technology
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December 28, 2023

Stylitics Best of 2023 in Retail Technology

“Best of” lists are ubiquitous for a reason. It’s a chance to highlight accomplishments, milestones or the noteworthy events that make up a year.

Stylitics has a lot to look back on, so we thought we’d tell our 2023 story through the most read blogs and articles we published in the last 365 days. It’s not only a snapshot of our business, but the story of modern day retail – where’s it’s been, and where it’s going.

If you missed these pieces the first time or are reading them again, thank you for spending some time with us. We look forward to sharing more in 2024.

Fashion is still trying to recreate the Clueless closet. Can AI help?

In the canons of pop-culture fashion, the 1995 movie Clueless maintains an indelible hold. In the past year, designers Marc Jacobs, Christian Siriano and digital fashion’s House of Blueberry have all remade lead character Cher’s looks, with her yellow plaid skirt set even immortalised at the Super Bowl and in the metaverse.

Stylitics’ technology is leading the way to make Cher’s closet from “Clueless” a reality. Vogue Business talks to Stylitics Founder & CEO, Rohan Deuskar, and shares our vision of personalization.

How Puma is Using AI-Powered Styling to ‘Brainstorm’ with its Customers — and Increase AOV

As an online retailer, you’re likely familiar with the issue of “inspirational clickbait” – the phenomenon of enticing visual content leading to a lackluster ecommerce experience. But what if you could leverage AI-powered styling to create a truly personalized and satisfying shopping journey for your customers?

At Stylitics, we’re proud to have partnered with Puma for almost three years, helping them achieve significant improvements in their online sales. Through our AI-powered styling platform, we’ve been able to increase average order value by over 3% among Stylitics users, boost conversion rates by 235%, and increase session duration by 334%.

The Forrester TEI of Stylitics: Retail Innovation is Driven By Inspiration

Every shopper starts with a motivation.

Whether searching for a sweater or a sofa, bridging the gap between an endless scroll of 800 choices and an eCommerce session full of curated discovery is what we call Inspirational Commerce™️. Today’s consumers crave an experience that makes them feel as though a brand “gets” them, able to offer personalized recommendations, making the decision to purchase easy and enjoyable.

Advice from an Expert Stylist: How Merchandisers Should Handle Barbiecore (And Other Microtrends)

Are you a retailer trying to keep up with inventory demands of the Barbiecore trend that’s been everywhere for months? With these microtrends on the rise, and retailers struggling to manage unpredictable surges in purchase behavior as a result, we put together some expert strategies that will help you lean into these specialized categories and increase basket size and margins.

How Generative AI Can Create More Value for Retailers

Most business leaders now understand that the new class of generative artificial intelligence tools will have an impact on their business. But not everyone has internalized the underlying financial reason why the competitive landscape will rapidly change around them, which is this: there’s no longer a need for the trade-off between quality, cost and speed.

Now, for the first time ever, retailers can easily tap into the power of AI to improve the quality of everything — content, imagery, workflows, analytics — while simultaneously dramatically reducing both cost and speed to market.