The Automated Outfitting Revolution – eBook
October 27, 2022

The Automated Outfitting Revolution – eBook

A perfect storm of lowered consumer sentiment, lingering inventory challenges, and a volatile equity market are changing how brands and shoppers engage.  While conventional means of discounting, cost-cutting, and promotion are critical imperatives, over 125 category-leading retailers are also utilizing automated outfitting and bundling as a key component of their 2022 and 2023 shopper-facing strategies.

These leading brands are using Stylitics’ eCommerce platform to lower operating costs, accelerate inventory rebalancing, improve product margins, and improve the efficiency of revenue acquisition by applying differentiated marketing, commerce, and merchandising strategies.

Stylitics concurrently enables them to deploy unique, personalized, and inspirational experiences that improve engagement and revenue across every point in the shoppers’ digital journey.  By leveraging automated, AI-driven outfitting across marketing, web and mobile commerce, social, email, and post-purchase, brands such as Express, Kohl’s, Puma, West Elm, and Chico’s are achieving measurable improvements across the KPIs of every team.

Learn more in this e-Book that provides an overview of Stylitics and automated outfitting and examples of the measured improvement that retailers have attained.

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