CEO Corner: Now AI is Telling Us What to Wear
April 10, 2023

CEO Corner: Now AI is Telling Us What to Wear

Stylitics, our automated, AI-powered digital merchandising system, is transforming the fashion industry by revolutionizing how retailers suggest outfits for consumers. In a recent interview with Sourcing Journal, our CEO Rohan Deuskar discussed how Stylitics is using advanced algorithms and expanded capabilities to provide a hybrid personalization model for retailers and help consumers avoid the paradox of choice.

With over 100 million users, Stylitics is trusted by major brands such as Puma, Macy’s, Walmart, Kohl’s, and Revolve. Our inspirational commerce platform recommends outfits and bundles in over 50 billion shopper sessions a year, resulting in a 23% increase in units per transaction and a 21% increase in average order value for our partner brands and retailers. We are constantly improving our services to provide better intent and behavioral mapping, with ten times more speed across content creation systems.

Read the full interview with Rohan Deuskar on Sourcing Journal to learn more about how Stylitics is transforming the fashion industry with our AI-powered digital merchandising system.